The Garden Bed
Although it’s something we don’t like to contemplate, many of us face the prospect of our loved ones needing hospice care.

Alison Doxey and Stephen Welch, lifelong friends and horticultural professionals, are acutely aware of the emotional benefits of providing a restful sanctuary for patients, their friends and families.

Alison and Stephen have been looking for a project to collaborate on and The Garden Bed has grown naturally as the perfect project to best use their complementary skills and experience.

Much more than creating unique sensory spaces that blur the lines between outside and inside, this is about passionately championing and creating meaningful experiences, where the connection with nature is conducive to not just physical healing but spiritual peacefulness.

The Garden Bed perfectly encapsulates and embodies the theme of this year’s show: Health, Happiness and Horticulture.
Much more importantly, the ultimate aim is to highlight the very many benefits these beautiful spaces can make to a lifetime.

Invigorating and calming, restorative and contemplative, The Garden Bed illustrates just how easily a bed can be manoeuvred into an accessible space. And how even the most humble of spaces can offer holistic benefits.

The deceptively simple design incorporates humble planting to create a homely, familiar space. A clipped Yew hedge offers privacy and a sense of security. Bulbs, perennials and trees offer the viewer lots to enjoy and contemplate.

At Chelsea, visitors will get a glimpse of the garden from the perspective of the bed, draped with its natural yet intricately woven floral quilt incorporating the flowers and plants from the garden around it.